viernes, 4 de marzo de 2016

Wartime sweethearts reunited after 70 years

Norwood Thomas and Joyce Morris reunite after they met in London during World War II.

Self-study activity:
Watch the video and answer the questions below.

Watch from the beginning to 42" and say what the following figures refer to:

Watch the rest of the video and answer these questions:
Where did Norwood and Joyce meet?
What quality in Joyce made Norwood 'melt'?
What's the marital status now?
How did they find out about one another recently?

Oh, we are. Well, you're still vertical. Hello!
Oh, give me a squeeze.
Just in time for Valentine's Day, these war-time sweethearts have been reunited for the first
time in 70 years. 93-year-old American, Norwood Thomas, flew 10,500 miles, from Virginia to Adelaide in southern Australia to see 88-year-old Joyce Morris.
Of course, there was a great difference in appearance but there's a big difference in my appearance too so it was a wonderful experience.
Norwood was just 21-years-old when he bumped into then 17-year-old Joyce on the banks of the River Thames.
This friend and I were walking across a bridge at Richmond across the Thames river and we looked down below and saw these two young ladies that were talking to a man about renting a row boat. So, we decided we'd go down and say hello. So, we suggested that we rent two boats and one of the ladies would row my friend, the other would row me.
Love quickly blossomed.
She had a smile that would melt you and, of course, I was melted.
When the war ended, Norwood Thomas returned to America, asking Joyce to come with him. But it wasn't meant to be and they both married other people and had children.
Well, we had a wonderful fortnight.
Now they're a widower and a divorcee, and when one of Joyce's children spotted Norwood's name in an article, the two got in touch via Skype. And these long-distance lovers pulled at the public's heartstrings, with them and Air New Zealand helping to fund Norwood's flight to Australia. Proof that love can last the distance.