lunes, 9 de enero de 2017

Listening test: Discussing adverts

Three friends are discussing adverts. Listen to their conversation and say whether the statements below are true (T) or false (F).

source: Zapp! English

Example: They didn’t seem to have problems in remembering ads. T

1 Adverts want to sell you a life style.

2 Adverts affect mainly women.

3 You can find ads everywhere.

4 The girl loves learning songs and jingles from adverts.

5 Adverts make you desire things that you don’t need.

6 The sports shoes the boy used to wear as a child were good quality.

7 Generic brands take advantage of the famous brands.

8 In New York, vans run around the neighbourhood announcing products.

OK, so when we were talking about adverts, none of us had any difficulty whatsoever, coming up with an advert that we can remember, and actually, I could probably...think of about seven or eight adverts that really stick in my mind. But do you think there’s too much, advertising nowadays? I mean you can’t move for adverts can you?
Yeah, it certainly affects the way that you look at the world and the way you see yourself even I think. There’s a common theme running through all sorts of different adverts, which is that they sell you a lifestyle and they sell you an image... I think, and they say that you need to have this product or this service in order to be, the person you should be. And I think its... it can be quite a... unpleasant experience sometimes.
Yeah, and I think that also happens a lot with body image and people always talk about body image for women, but I think it happens for women and men and...
Yeah. More so now with men than in the past I think.
Yeah, I think that’s growing too, and I think that it’s... it’s really everywhere because it’s not just like billboards, it’s... it’s on the back of the bus stations, those glass things that cover the bus stations, and... and, the most sort of upsetting thing for me about the pervasiveness.
Yeah. And then you can’t get it out of your head... of advertising is when I start to like sing a jingle or a song from an advertisement, that I didn’t know that I knew.
...and it’s on loop. Yeah.
Comes in under your subconscious...
Yeah, exactly.
...somehow and just pervades, inside your head.
Yeah. And I feel sorry for parents now with kids, because, I... I, just, I... I mean it’s peer pressure and all that kind of stuff, but I think all of that originates in... in this creation... things that, you know, creating the desire for things that you don’t necessarily need, like you said. I mean, you know, the trainers, the phone, the... everywhere. You just can’t move for it.
I can remember though, when I was in high school, in the nineteen nineties, and... it was very, very important which, trainers you wore. You had to have Nike Air, it had to be Nike Air Jordan, or Reebok Pump, or Adidas Samba. Those were the only acceptable ones if you wanted to be... cool, if you wanted to, you know, play a role in the social dynamic of the, of your classmates. The shoes that you wore were incredibly important, and they were rubbish. They were really low quality shoes; they were stitched together, probably in North Africa or Bangladesh, by, people our own age I suppose.
Little kids, yeah.
Yeah, made out of really cheap materials, and they didn’t last very long.
And there were the generic brands that were, Adidas had like the three stripes that were made to look exactly like Adidas but weren’t Adidas and that just shows how important that actual brand is.
Absolutely yeah. Badidas, I remember saying Badidas.
Yeah. Something I think is interesting too, is the different ways of advertisement, like we think about magazines and, like on the television and stuff, but something that was funny for me that they don’t do or they don’t anymore do in New York, is when I got to Madrid, in my neighbourhood there were those vans, would drive around the...the neighbourhood announcing...announcing different types of like a mattress store or like a different type of product over a loudspeaker. And to me it seemed so ridiculous, like so, it seemed so obvious, and I then I thought, Well why is this any more ridiculous than any other type of advertising?

KEY: 1T 2F 3T 4F 5T 6F 7T 8F