lunes, 27 de febrero de 2017

Listening test: A former refugee

Listen to a CBC interview with Muuxi Adam, a former Somali refugee in Canada, and choose the option A, B or C which best completes each sentence.

1 Muuxi Adam moved to Canada
A 16 years ago.
B at 16.
C in 2008.

2 Humankind International
A collects money to help school refugee children.
B has 150 children enrolled.
C was founded in Kenya.

3 Muuxi opened the school because
A that had always been his plan.
B he was asked to do so.
C working with the youth is very important.

4 Muuxi thinks education
A doesn’t really provide opportunities to children in poor countries.
B is important everywhere.
C is less important in poor countries than in rich countries.

5 Children in refugee camps will have a better future if
A their brain develops normally.
B their life is well structured.
C they are active.

6 To raise money Muuxi
A cooks the Refugee Day Dinner.
B makes schoolchildren aware of the problem.
C organises a race on 20th June.

7 Muuxi Adam wants to attract the attention of
A children.
B governmental associations.
C ordinary people.

Photo: Muuxi Adam on Humankind International
Hi I'm Marcy Markusa and you're listening to CBC. Muuxi Adam is a former Somali refugee who came to Canada at the age of sixteen to start a new new life. He now considers it his job to help other refugees in Africa. In 2008, Muuxi and two other former African refugees started an organization called Humankind International. The organization raised money to start the first ever preschool in the largest refugee camp in Kenya. By June of this year he hopes to have 150 children enrolled but the need is much higher. There are over 100,000 kids in the camp who are the right age for preschool. So Muuxi is working to raise more money so more children can attend. Muuxi was recently in Kenya to open the preschool and he’s my guest today.
What motivated you to open this school Muuxi?
Well I think I was just responding to what the community wanted, and I think, you know, listening to the people, what they want and just being able to provide that I think is is just tremendously a good feeling. Ah when when we did the assessment in back 2008, I had a different plan, I was trying to help the youth because that’s the only way, or the only thing that I know very well is to work with youth, and so I was trying to do something for youth, then I listened to the community needs and what they wanted and it was completely the opposite. Ah they wanted something for preschoolers because there was none at all and I was quite shocked.
What kind of a difference do you hope that at least giving, giving some of these kids a school experience will make in their life?
Well, like, you know, I think it’s it’s gonna make a big difference that you know, simple reason is that education is you know for all and education provides kids with you know opportunities that otherwise that wouldn’t exist and I think that is the same reason why we send all our children here to go to school and and to learn is because they are the future of tomorrow and they are an investment and I think when we provide some sort of education for these kids in refugee camp, you know, especially in this critical age, where they’re so active, when they want to learn and their, you know, brain is developing and they are young and I think just to expose that, some structure and stability with the good nutrition, some sense of love and a caring environment and and when you provide that it will just help for them, you know, have a better future.
How have you been raising the money Muuxi here?
I’ve been going to different schools, I’ve been going to, you know, events. We just raising, you know, we have a a June 20th dinner or a Refugee Day dinner and this is the kind of thing that we’ve been doing as a fundraiser.
Really grassroots.
Just the grassroots, we haven’t got any grants or anything like that but our goal is just to, you know, people touch, you know, connect people because there are a lot of good people in Winnipeg that really want to make a difference and when they see, you know, that they can help and they can contribute, I think that’s what’s what, you know, makes us unique in our province. We’re generous people, we like to help, because we know that when we help one kid, we’re helping the whole community in general.

1B 2A 3B 4B 5B 6B 7C