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Reading test: Windsor Castle anti-terror barriers 'ugly', locals say

Read this BBC article and choose the world or phrase A-N that best fits into each gap. There are three words you do not need to use.  0 is an example.

Windsor Castle anti-terror barriers 'ugly', locals say 
New security barriers around Windsor Castle (0) … branded "ugly" by some locals. They were installed (1) …  to afford extra protection at Wednesday's Changing of the Guard ceremony (2) …  last week's attack in Westminster. Police asked the public to understand (3) … the barriers were "necessary".

But some residents in the Royal Borough have reacted (4) … to the extreme measure.  Many complained they were unattractive, (5) … others said the number of parking spaces had been reduced (6) … . Shami Kalra (7) … it was "sad" to see the "beautiful streets of Windsor" lined with anti-terrorism barriers, and gave the impression the town was "running scared". One woman living in the town commented the "ugly barriers" had been installed with "two hours notice" and tweeted: "If it's not safe to change the guard. Don't do it. The barriers severely impact people (8) … live there."

Thames Valley Police believe the measures are proportionate and necessary (9) … there is "no intelligence to indicate a specific threat to Windsor". The barriers will be in addition to the normal road closures which had (10) … been arranged for the Changing of the Guard event.

A - after
B - already
C - although
D - angrily
E - as a result
F - have been – 0 Example
G - however
H - overnight
I - said
J - told
K - while
L - who
M - why
N – yet

Photo: BBC

1H 2A 3M 4D 5K 6E 7I 8L 9C 10B