jueves, 11 de agosto de 2011


Here are two videos I have wanted to post for some time. I think it was through David Deubel that I found them, but I am not 100% confident here.

The topic which runs through both videos is arguments, and I would say that both are quite easy to understand. Even (strong) elementary students can greatly benefit from them.

Self-study activity:
Get together with an English-speaking friend and discuss these questions:

1 How often do you argue?
2 When did you last argue?
3 Do you always tend to argue with the same people?
4 Do you always tend to argue for the same reasons? Which ones?
5 Is it easy for you to start an argument?
6 Do you know anyone who is always arguing?

Now watch the first video, from Casey Donahue, who tries to parody a typical fight between partners.

To what extent do you think the video reflects what really happens in a couple's argument?

What the video again and note down a few expressions you wish to learn.

The second video comes from English Central, and refers to Monty Python's famous sketch Argument Clinic. Watch the clip without reading the transcript and try to understand as much as possible.

Watch the video clip for a second time, but this time you can read the subtitles if you have any comprehension difficulties.