domingo, 7 de agosto de 2011

Pronunciation tools on the internet

This blog has a number of entries on pronunciation which try to cover the most relevant aspects of English pronunciation together with some tools (dictionaries, charts) that can help us do so.

By clicking on the Pronunciation tag on the right you will be able to visualise the 30+ pronunciation entries and everything it entails: games, pronunciation of -ed endings, irregular verbs, work on rhythm, songs, videos explaining the phonetic symbols, the diphthongs, remedial work on difficult words, samples of accents of English, online dictionaries, the phonemic chart, pronunciation of individual sounds, most common mispronounced words for Spanish speakers, the alphabet, rhyming poems, pronunciation of the third person singular and plurals.

All in all, the range of activities is quite comprehensive, but it is also manageable as there aren't too many entries.

A couple of weeks ago I happened to stumble on an entry from the blog Educational Technology in ELT  where a lot of the pronunciation points that I have listed above can be visualised at a glance. Vicky Saumell, who runs the blog, has divided all the pronunciation resources in groups:

Pronunciation of individual sounds:
-Printable phonemic charts
-Interactive phonemic charts

Interactive exercises and games

Listening to the pronunciation of words and connected speech

Practising pronunciation of words and connected speech

Make a point of dropping by the pronunciation-related tools that Vicky has selected.