miércoles, 10 de agosto de 2011


Self-study activity:
Get together with an English speaking friend or relative and discuss these questions.

1 Do you enjoy doing any sports? Which ones?
2 Do you enjoy watching any? Which ones?
3 What do you know about extreme sports?
4 Would you like to try jumping off a mountain with a parachute? Why or why not?
6 Do you own any sports or adventure clothing? If so, when do you wear it?
7 How many of each of these items do you own? Do they have a special purpose?
a pair of shoes - b pair of boots - c coat or jacket - d trousers - e hats or other head wear

Now watch this Oxford University Press video about Berghaus, the British outdoor clothing and equipment brand, and answer the questions below.

a What is the first sport the people are doing at the beginning of the video?
b What sports do Berghaus make clothing and equipment for?
c What types of clothing can we see in the shop?
d What happens inside the big Pentland Distribution Services building?
e What do the two people do at the end of the video?

You can read the transcript of the video clip here.

a mountain climbing
b outdoor sports like skiing, mountain climbing, etc.
c shirts, jackets, sunglasses, T-shirts, shoes, boots, trousers, fleeces, rain jackets
d Finished items are wrapped, packed, weighed, and distributed.
e They jump off the mountain and parachute to the bottom.