martes, 2 de agosto de 2011

How to survive without AC in summer?

Self-study activity:
Before you watch this How to video clip, try to think of possible answers to the question in the post entry: How can you survive without air-conditioning in summer?

Now it's listening time. You know that the How-to videos are great for English students because they give lots of visual information to support the aural message, but this can be an obstacle if we wish to put our listening activities to the test.

So, for the listening activity suggested here, listen to the video clip without watching the video and note down as many tips as you can understand. They give nine pieces of advice in total. See how many you manage to understand and how many of your own ideas are mentioned.

The second time you go over the activity, you can also watch the video.

Finally, remember that a transcript is always available with all the How-to videos.