miércoles, 7 de diciembre de 2011

Anecdote: A friend

This is another MacMillan video to illustrate the use of anecdotes in the English class.

Today's anecdote is about a friend who is very different from you.

First of all, listen to Laila talking about her friend. Answer the questions below to check your comprehension.

1 What’s Laila’s friend’s name?
2 When and where did they meet?
3 What was Michelle’s opinion of Laila?
4 What was Laila’s opinion of Michelle?
5 In what ways is Michelle different from Laila?
6 In what ways are they similar?
7 How often do they see each other now?
8 What does Michelle do?
9 When did they last see each other?
10 What did they do on that day?

Now it's over to you. If possible, get together witn an English-speaking friend or relative and talk about a friend who is very different from you. Use these questions as a framework to tell your anecdote.

What's your friend's name?
Where and when did you meet?
Why did you become friends?
What opinion do you have of each other?
In what ways are you similar and different?
How often do you see each other now? And in the past?
What do you usually do together?

1 Michelle 2 Five years ago at Cardiff University 3 She was funny 4 She was quirky 5 Michelle is very athletic, she swam for her county, she loves red wine, she’s flaky (=a bit irresponsible) so she may not turn up if you have decided to meet 6 They are outgoing, sociable, they like a good party, they speak their mind (=they are frank) so they have their ups and downs although they never fall out (=argue) 7 Once every six months 8 She’s a high-powered solicitor in another city 9 On Laila’s birthday 10 They wanted to go to a Banksy exhibition, but they changed their mind because it was all sold out and went to a mug painting place, where they both made a mug