viernes, 9 de diciembre de 2011

Food and drink vocabulary

This is a different way of memorising and learning vocabulary. Jason Renshaw and his son Jamie present different sets of food through a video in which they hold a relaxed conversation about different types of food and their attitude to them.

This lengthy video, about 11 minutes, can be useful to lower lowel students (Básico 1 and Básico 2) because they will manage to learn lots of vocabulary items, learn the way the words are pronounced, and hear English speakers using the words in a natural way.

Food Set 1 - Snack/Junk Food
a hamburger; a hotdog; a donut/doughnut; a cookie; an ice cream [cone]; a candy [bar]; a lollipop; a candy; a cake; some pizza; some chocolate; some popcorn; some cake; some ice cream; some jelly; some cheese; some french fries; some potato crisps/chips

Food Set 2 - Fruit
an apple; an orange; an apricot; an avocado; a lemon; a peach; a tomato; a melon; a watermelon; a cherry; a grape; a strawberry; a raspberry; a plum; an eggplant; a pumpkin; a pineapple; a kiwi-fruit

Food Set 3 - Vegetables
a potato; an asparagus; a pea; a carrot; an onion; a capsicum (pepper); a bean-sprout; a mushroom; a chilli pepper; corn; broccoli; a turnip; a lettuce; a cauliflower