sábado, 3 de diciembre de 2011

Interview with Javier Bardem

This is an interview with Javier Bardem that Time published right after No Country for Old Men was released.

Self-study activity:
Watch the interview through and enjoy everything Bardem says in this light-hearted interview. Bardem's English is really good, but intermediate English learners shouldn't have a problem in understading the main ideas of what he says.

Now watch the clip again, and note down the questions the interviewer asks Javier.

I don't have a full transcript of the interview, but if you click here you will be directed to Hablar Mejor Inglés, where they have transcribed the first two minutes of the interview to analyse the (few) mistakes Javier makes.

1 Do you think you’ll ever explore your acting abilities to their furthest limits?
2 How do you make sure your performances are distinct from one film to the next?
3 You have a unique voice. Do you sing?
4 Are you still an avid rugby player?
5 You miss playing at all?
6 Is rehearsing for an English-speaking role any different for you compared to a Spanish-speaking role?
7 Have you ever learnt how to drive yet?
8 Are there any actors you’re dying to work with?