jueves, 8 de diciembre de 2011

Our Secret

Our Secret is an activity devised by Rob Whyte, from ESL Writing. I thought the idea was great to develop the students' listening ability and to establish a framework for conversation and discussion. The film also has a very high dramatic and emotional power, which can be motivational for students.

Here are Rob's questions about Our Secret .

Once again, I would like to recommend you to do these types of activities, which combine both listening and speaking, with someone else, so that you can share ideas and deal with the oral part of the activity together.

What’s the woman’s name?
Why is he writing a letter to the woman?
What did the man decide to do?
What is the name of her favorite horse?
Who is Robert?
What parts of the farm remind him of her?
Who is Nathan?
Who is Roger?
What is the secret?

Self-study activity:
After watching the story and answering the questions, talk it over with a friend about secrets people have kept for a long time. You may remember old family stories or you may even know someone with a secret or who leads a double life. That might make an interesting topic for conversation.

You can read the transcript here.