viernes, 6 de septiembre de 2013

Ashton Kutcher on Steve Jobs

Watch this excerpt of the interview to Ashton Kutcher in Jay Leno's The Tonight Show on his role in the film Jobs, and answer the questions about it.

The activity is suitable for intermediate 2 students.

1 What does 'six' refer to?
2 Why couldn't  Ashton meet Steve Jobs?
3 What was Ashton doing when he heard the news of Jobs death?
4 What had Ashton 'taken for granted'?
5 What moment of the film does the video clip they show refer to?
6 When was the film released?

To check your answers you can read the transcript below.

Did you ever meet him?
I didn’t. I you know, I had an opportunity to meet him about six months before he passed away. And I was working that day and couldn’t go. In hindsight, I look back and I think, I had an opportunity to meet the Leonardo da Vinci of our generation and I missed it. That really affected my decision to take on the role, because it was actually you know, the day that he died, it was... for me it was almost like, I hear people talk about they knew where they were the day Kennedy died.
Sure, sure.
And for me, I’ll never forget the moment I heard that he died. And I pulled my car to the side of the road, and kind of took a moment. I got home and I realized, I sat down on my computer and started doing some work and I realized that all the relationships I have in my life are held together by glue that he laid down. And all the work that I do, in whatever capacity I do it, and the entertainment I consume. Here I have my Apple computer and my iPhone and all these things, and I realized that I'd taken him for granted… And taken for granted the contributions that he actually gave to society, and I actually had a real emotional moment that day. I actually reached out to a couple of my friends that I do a lot of work in the tech venture space, and they had the same response. And so when I got the script I felt like I wanted to ensure that his legacy was told from someone who admired him.
Well, you really captured. Let’s show a clip. Here’s a scene from the movie. That’s up. This is way they try to take the company away from you. Take a look.

Your perfectionism, they are looking at losses in the million before this thing even gets off the ground.
They’re not seeing the big picture.
That’s right, the shareholders don’t see past their own shadows. They’re only concerned about the here and the now. And the Board has got blinders on. They could see, they take them off, they’d see you the way I see you. The way your employees sees.
It’s my project. It’s mine, and they’re taking it away from me? You’re letting them take it away from me.
Bullshit Steve, you know, that’s not true.

Jobs highly recommended August 16th. Good job Ashton.
Thank you.
Good job.