miércoles, 18 de septiembre de 2013

Talking point: Video games

This week's talking point is video games. Before getting together with the members of your conversation group, go over the questions below, so that ideas flow more easily when you get together with the members of your conversation group and you can work out vocabulary problems beforehand.
  • Have you got a TV games console?
  • If you have, what games do you play? How many hours a week do you spend playing on it? How long have you had it? Do you have a favourite game? Can you describe it?
  • If you haven't got one, have you ever used one? Would you like to have one? Why (not)? Have you heard of famous video games?
  • Do video game isolate or socialize users?
  • Do you think video games are generally men-oriented or they offer something for everyone?
  • To what extent are some video games violent and encourage users to act violently?
  • Whose responsibility is it to decide which video games children can play, parents or the government?
  • Are there any laws in your country restricting the sale or rental of video games to children?
  • What other benefits and problems do video games have?
To gain further insight into the topic you can read The New York Times article Shooting in the Dark, by BENEDICT CAREY.

Photo: eltpics on Flickr