domingo, 2 de febrero de 2014

Extensive listening: Sheryl Sandberg pushes women to "lean in"

In March 2013 CBS 60 Minutes aired the segment Sheryl Sandberg pushes women to "lean in", which dealt with Facebook CEO's ideas on the position of women in the workplace. This is the way CBS presenter Norah O'Donnell introduced the programme.

"Sheryl Sandberg is the chief operating officer of the social networking giant Facebook, but that's not what's putting her in the headlines. She's decided to jump head first into one of most hotly debated and intensely personal issues out there: women in the workplace.
In a new book that has already touched a nerve, Sandberg proposes a reason for why there are so few women at the top: the problem she says might just be women themselves. Despite the fact that women have been getting more college degrees than men for 30 years, they still account for only four percent of CEOs in America's Fortune 500 companies and Sheryl Sandberg says that number needs to change."

You can read the transcript here.