jueves, 6 de febrero de 2014

The restaurant that serves up rejected food

The restaurant that serves up rejected food is a four-minute video clip from the BBC series Stop and Start.

Rub and Stub is a Danish restaurant based in Copenhagen which has decided to use excess food for their meals.

Self-study activity:
Watch the video and answer the questions about it. The activity is suitable for intermediate students.

1 How many people started the restaurant?
2 How much is worth the food that is thrown out every year?
3 What does the food industry throw out most of the food?
4 What does 'two days' refer to?
5 Who runs the restaurant?
6 Where does the money from the restaurant go?
7 What is their daily challenge?
8  What's Ditte's main hope?

To check your answers you can read the transcript below.
The ridiculousness of, of… wasting food while half of the people of the world are starving, that's just not right. Rub and Stub is a food waste concept restaurant based in Copenhagen that takes excess food from the food industry and turn it into a delicious meal.
My name’s Ditte and I'm a volunteer chef. The restaurant started by me and a group of eight to nine young people got together and talked about how we can minimize food waste in Copenhagen. In Denmark the problem is actually so big that they, they estimate that round half a million tons of food is thrown out every year which amounts to 8.4 billion krone or almost one billion pounds with the food that could have been eaten. We serve food from our menu that is made day to day well.
Well, tonight's menu is gonna be baked Brussels sprouts with the… with the yellow beetroot and, we actually the vegetarian dish is going to be dhal and I think the potatoes and carrots would go nicely in the down to give it to volume and good taste.
I lot of the food we get from the food industry is thrown out by the food industry due to the expiry dates and there's nothing wrong with the food, but we are only allowed to take in food that hasn't expired yet and if there's only a couple of days left before it expires. We can maybe we can freeze it and use it for another three months.
Yeah, very organic. It’s so beautiful, look at the colour. We don't get this much in Copenhagen. I'm gonna set him free.
We’re run by volunteers almost.
That’s for one person, you are making two portions right now.
We are funded by a nonprofit organization that runs 3 projects in Africa, so all of our profit goes to the projects in Sierra Leone. One of our big challenges is that every day at 5 o'clock before the restaurant is opened, no matter how could it cost we supporting here (sic) we have to make delicious food that people will buy
This is table number eight. Just follow me.
I read about it about the idea behind using all of the food that they are serving. It's a very necessary idea, it’s relevant for the time we are living now.
If you can eat it, I’m open to it. I never heard of before I was invited here but I like the idea.
We come back to it because the concepts to avoid the waste of food.
I found it on Facebook.
I think it is very good food and I think it’s important than more of us come to this restaurant.
I have no vision of Rub and Stub changing the world in any way but I do hope day people will stop and think about how they consume food. I also hope that we at some point will make ourselves unemployed because that means that we have succeeded if there would be no excess food to be delivered to us that means that we have done something right.