sábado, 15 de febrero de 2014


Podclub offers podcasts adapted to the language level of learners in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish every two weeks.

As for the English podcasts, Gareth Hughes presents his Gerry's diaries, where he tells us what's been happening to him in Switzerland, Britain and elsewhere. He comments on what has caught his eye. He talks about his family, friends and colleagues. But thanks to his "outsider's" view after his 20 years living in Switzerland, he often sees things that "insiders" just don't notice. Gerry's diaries are intended for lower-intermediate to intermediate students.

Gerry’s news digest, on the other hand, is for more advanced users of English (at level B2 and above). The English is not simplified in any way. In his News Digest Gerry takes a personal look at some of the stories that have been filling the newspapers and the TV screens in Britain, Switzerland and elsewhere.

Gerry's podcasts come accompanied with the transcript and a short list of vocabulary items.