domingo, 1 de febrero de 2015

Extensive listening: Redshirting, holding kids back from kindergarten

Red-shirting,delaying kindergarten until children are 6 years old, is a rising trend in the US. Advocates of red-shirting claim that these students will be more successful in school and life, but is that true?

CBS correspondent Morley Safer reported on this controversial education issue for CBS's 60 Minutes back in 2012. This is the way he introduced the segment:

"Kindergarten was once milk, cookies and finger paints. In a countrywide epidemic of hyper-parenting, it's becoming blood, sweat and tears. So maybe you played Mozart for your baby while he was still in the womb and gave him Chinese lessons at age 2, tried everything to give your kid an edge and then when he's 5, well you don't exactly cheat, but you game the system.

It's called "redshirting": holding your 5-year-old back from kindergarten 'til he's 6 so he'll be among the oldest and smartest kids in class. Parents of a 5-year-old with a late birthday despair that little Johnny will forever be a failure if he has to compete with kids six or eight months older so they put the fix in; hold him back a year so he has the edge in class and ultimately an edge in life."

You can read a full transcript here.