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Reading test: Learning shouldn’t be a competitive sport that only a few can succeed at

Learning shouldn’t be a competitive sport that only a few can succeed at is the title of the article Holly Welham published in The Guardian in mid January this year. We are going to use it as a springboard for our bi-weekly reading test. This time it is a multiple choice task.

Read the text by clicking on the link above or here and choose the option a, b or c that best completes each sentence. Only one option is correct. 0 is an example.

0 The school being built
a) is a new college on the campus.
b) is exclusive.
c) is intended for the residents of the town.

1 The school has
a) a flexible attitude to learning.
b) all teaching spaces outdoors.
c) connected classrooms.

2 The headteacher of the Cambridge school
a) firmly believes in the students running the school.
b) has already developed his ideas elsewhere.
c) is Hindu.

3 Biddulphm, the headteacher,
a) thinks religion is central in the students’ life.
b) thinks the students should plan the school’s routine.
c) feels many of today’s children are unprepared for the world.

4 Biddulphm, the headteacher,
a) decided not to work in education again after his experience in his previous school.
b) thinks it’s difficult to set a school in motion from zero.
c) wasn’t encouraged enough in his previous school.

5 Biddulphm says that in his previous school
a) he didn’t trust his staff enough.
b) he was authoritarian.
c) he was unprepared to deal with a school that attracted so much public attention.

6 Biddulphm’s experience in Nepal
a) changed his views on education.
b) didn’t pay him much.
c) taught him how to run a school.

7 Biddulphm wants students
a) to decide what to do.
b) to go to school with their parents in the evenings.
c) to write their own marks.

8 Biddulphm thinks
a) competition has a place in education.
b) society must change its ideas of what education is about.
c) sports make children unnecessarily competitive.

9 In the Cambridge school
a) a new educational model will be tested.
b) research will be part of the teacher’s work.
c) the relationships with the schools in the area will be a priority.

Photo: The Guardian

1a 2b 3c 4b 5a 6a 7a 8b 9c