viernes, 27 de febrero de 2015

Holiday Inn® Hotels: Scott Rigsby

This is the story of Scott and the way an accident changed his life forever.

Self-study activity:
Watch the video and answer the questions below. The activity is suitable for (strong) intermediate 2 students.

1 How old was Scott when he had the accident?
2 What question did he ask the doctor while he was recovering?
3 What addictions and health issues did he fall into as a result of his condition?
4 What does ‘3 times a day’ refer to?
5 What adjectives does the doctor use to refer to Scott?
6 How does Julie, a member from the staff from Holiday Inn in Panama City, Florida, describe her grandma?
7 What analogy does Scott use to describe Julie’s contribution to his recovery process?


My life radically changed in nine seconds. I was an 18-year-old kid (1) sitting on the back of a pick-up truck. This 18-wheeler clipped our vehicle, I got knocked off. That was the last day that I had my legs. I was thinking about girls and going off to college and being with my friends. I asked that doctor if I'd be able to run ever again (2) and he told me, "No." Then, I was gripped in a state of fear and doubt and uncertainty.
This is the prosthetic foot, and I'm going to take it off...
Here's a young guy that lost his leg, so it's really critical, it's a big deal. And Scott was having kind of a hard time.
Depression and alcoholism and drug addiction (3). I really didn't want to live anymore.
Scott just needed someone to come along and say, "It's going to be OK."
My rehab nurse checked me in to their Holiday Inn in Panama City, Florida. My legs were getting made here, and when I met Julie, her staff at the Holiday Inn Resort, they became my family, they became my rehab center.
Scott had so many strikes against him, many times over, he just kept getting up.
I was in a wheelchair, so I ate meals here 3 times a day (4). All my clothes were washed here. I continued to stay week after week after week until it was thousands of dollars. Now, I didn't have enough money, but Julie never put any pressure on me. If Julie had not helped me, then I would have been homeless.
We really didn't know what was in store for Scott.
I sat in this hotel room and I dreamed about running, swimming in the ocean again, thinking about being able to ride a bike.
Scott was always a winner. He grabs life with gusto. He's very eager, he's very motivated, he's not afraid. He's a very strong (5) individual.
I was the first double amputee in the world to ever finish the Hawaiian Iron Man Triathlon when I never was supposed to run, ever. I got the right team to help me on this journey of hope and healing and restoration.
All people who've achieved great things don't do it alone. You have help along the way. Perhaps, it goes back to my grandmother who was a real people person (6). That's what this business is all about. You can have all the beautiful buildings in the world, but if you don't have people who really care and express that to others, then you really have very little.
Hey, Scott.
Hey. You look good, yeah.
I'm glad you're here.
Scott is an inspiration to all of us.
You've seen fathers take their young kids and hold the bike while they're trying to ride it (7). They held me while I was trying to live life. Julie allowed me the opportunity, and sometimes, that's all we need is an opportunity because that produces hope.