miércoles, 4 de febrero de 2015

Talking point: Flying

This week's talking point is flying. Before getting together with the members of your conversation group, go over the questions below so that you can work out vocabulary problems beforehand and ideas flow more easily when you meet up with your friends.

How do you feel about flying?
How often do you fly? What for?
How many times have you flown in your life?
How has your attitude to flying changed over time?
When did you last fly? Where did you go? Who with?
Have you ever been delayed at an airport?.
Have you ever missed a plane? What happened?
Have you ever been stopped in Customs?
Have you ever had turbulence on a flight? How did you react? And the people around you?
How do you spend the time when you are travelling?
What's the longest flight you've ever made?
Have you ever felt jet lag? What were the symptoms?
Have you ever travelled in business class? In what ways is it different from tourist class? Was it much more expensive?
How do you feel about the meals on a flight?
Do you find the job of a pilot and flight attendant glamorous? Do you know any pilots or flight attendants?
Do you have any anecdotes to tell your friends about a flight or airports?

 Photo: Elllo.org

To illustrate the point, you can listen to an Elllo audio file where a group of people say what they do when they are travelling in the air.