sábado, 21 de marzo de 2015

Better at English podcasts

Better at English is collection of around 40 podcasts for intermediate to advanced students by Swedish Lori Linstruth. They come complete with a vocabulary list and transcript and deal with everyday topics like junk food, the office, relaxation, TV adverts, dogs, cultural differences, perfectionism.

Lori Linstruth herself, the person behind Better at English, describes the idea underlying the podcasts on the About section of her site:

"If I want to achieve one thing with Better at English, it’s this: to nudge you gently outside of your comfort zone and encourage you to take action to get a little better every day. Having spent time learning 5 foreign languages (Swedish, Spanish, Dutch, German, Indonesian) with varying degrees of success has shown me that taking (small) risks and pushing yourself to do difficult and scary things is the key to continual progress."