lunes, 16 de marzo de 2015

Listening test: Newcastle's night life

You are going to listen to someone talk about night life in Newcastle. Decide whether statements 1-10 are true of false

1. British cities have a reputation for being boring at night.
2. Young people go to Newcastle to go to the ‘Theatre Royal’.
3. Women go to stag parties.
4. The people of Newcastle speak with an accent called ‘Geordie’. 
5. The Tuxedo Royale is a large building. 
6. The Tuxedo Royale only opens at weekends.
7. People don’t wear much at night because Newcastle has relatively mild weather.
8. It is not unusual to see police officers in uniform in clubs.
9. The presence of the police doesn’t stop people from being violent. 
10. Newcastle is a very old city.

What is there to do after dark?
It's a myth that there's nothing to do in our cities at night. Our cities are packed with culture and attractions, and many people go to cities such as Newcastle or Glasgow for the nightlife alone. As night falls on Newcastle the shops and offices close, transforming the city. Newcastle’s nightlife has something to offer everyone, from dinner at one of the many restaurants to an evening at the ‘Theatre Royal’. Most young people are drawn to the centre of Newcastle for its trendy bars and clubs. An area of town named the ‘Bigg Market’ helped put Newcastle on the ‘party’ map and at weekends it is full of people moving from bar to bar. As the night draws on, they then move onto nearby night-clubs.

Party atmosphere
Crowds of friends mix with groups of visitors, from tourists to hen and stag parties. These are traditional parties that happen before weddings, the women have hen parties and the men stag parties to celebrate their last night out as single people. Conversation, laughter and loud music are everywhere; pouring out of hot night-clubs and trendy bars. Amongst the crowds you'll hear the local Geordie accent mixed with others from all over the UK and the world.

A night-club with a difference
One of the most popular destinations is the ‘Tuxedo Royale’ a ship permanently moored under the Tyne Bridge. It's open every night and is an old Northern Irish ferry which has been converted into a floating night-club. There are many bars and dance floors on it. At weekends the wait to get in can be quite long but once on board ship, the drinking and partying continues into the early hours.

What to wear?
Dress codes for entry into bars and clubs are common and strictly enforced at the weekends, which means people wear their best clothes and are out to make a good impression. People don't wear much, which may appear strange, as it can get very cold outside at night. There's a very good reason for it though - inside the night-clubs it's very hot, so there is no need for a coat. Some groups of people dress in theme outfits for special nights out like birthdays so don’t be surprised if you see clubbers in school or police uniforms.

Safety on the streets
The police maintain a high profile to deter trouble and watch over the clubbers making sure that people enjoy a safe but fun night out. The police presence means people are loud and high spirited but not generally aggressive. It's the combination of the historic setting, the wide choice of bars and night-clubs, and Geordie attitude to having a good time that attracts people from all over the country to enjoy the amazing nightlife.

1T 2F 3T 4T 5F 6F 7F 8F 9F 10T