viernes, 27 de marzo de 2015

Patricia Arquette Grows Into Boyhood

Watch this interview with Patricia Arquette a few weeks before the Oscar Award ceremony 2015 and say whether the statements below are true or false.

1 Patricia Arquette has been in the show business for 30 years.
2 She has just made the move to cable TV.
3 The film Boyhood was filmed over 12 years.
4 She doesn't seem to be giving much importance to the possibility of winning an Oscar award.

You can only be the girlfriend object of desire for so long. Then you can be the good-looking wife for a minute too, but that’s pretty boring part. And if you hold on to that too long, you can never be the grandma.
After 25 years in show business, working with such directors as Martin Scorsesse, David Arussel, David Lynch and then Richard Linklater, Patricia Arquette has reached the high point in her career, a career she forged that of steering clear of what she calls stereotypical on to new roles
[Call girl]. Even though her breakout role wasn’t true romance as Alabama Whitley [No, I’m a call girl, there’s a difference, you know] and ingénue if ever was one.
People expected you in a way to stay frozen as Alabama, the ingénue and this was something you never wanted to do in your career.
A calculated move I always made was to try to kind of jump out of one category prematurely and try to break into the next one.
She also made the move to network television years before other film stars began appearing in cable shows.
At the time I wasn’t reading very good films. I was becoming at this weird age where I was like the boring wife part like three scenes, just being supportive because I grew up in the punk rock world where you questioned authority. I didn’t like this authority concept about this form of art is better than this form of art, so I said why shouldn’t I read to be?
Did it impact you for how people saw you as an actress?
I think it did, yeah. I think people do have those really obvious ways of looking at an artist and at talent and I think part of me always felt like I’m not gonna challenge that.
[‘Do you still love Dad?’ ‘I still love your father.’]
With the film Boyhood, filmed over twelve years Ms Arquette embraced the idea of aging naturally on screen.
[Do you know what I’m realising, my life is just gonna go like that. These series of milestones, getting married, having kids, getting divorced. The time that we thought you were dyslexic.]
I think we see her flaws, her exhaustion, her hopes for her kids, her selfishness, her dream of things.
She also spent this awards season collecting multiple prizes for her role as Olivia and is the favourite in the Oscar race for Best Supporting Actress.
You don’t seem to take the Hollywood Hoopla machine seriously. You have a lack of anxiety about it.
I might just be… I wonder if I’m dissociated, I think looking to them am I really taking… I mean I’m not poopooing it or something like, it’s something bad, it’s a beautiful thing. I love being part of the history of entertainment and all the different dramas of film and television.
I felt like I should prepare a speech just to be responsible, I mean, because I was in a category with Meryl Streep so God knows, good luck to you.

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