jueves, 20 de agosto de 2015

Children New billionaires

BBC's Regan Morris speaks to some of America's youngest entrepreneurs. Meet the youngsters starting and running their own businesses.

Self-study activity:
Watch the video and answer the questions below.

1 What does Thomas create and sell?
2 What does he want to revolutionise?
3 What does '10 times' refer to?
4 What are Ahmat, Logan and Tay's business plans?
5 How old is Kiowa?
6 Why does she like to be an entrepreneur?

Is this a future billionnaire? At 15 (1) Thomas creates and sells apps for smart phones and Googleglass. That’s what he’s wearing, by the way.
They’re recording too?
And that’s how he’s filming us with these glasses. And Thomas has big plans for his summer. (2) He wants to revolutionise 3D printing technology.
Recently I applied for a patent on 3D-printing, trying to make 3D printing faster and more reliable. The key is their speed and (3) we are trying to print ten times faster than current generation 3D printers.
Thomas is self-taught when it comes to business and coding.
This school is trying to create entrepreneurs starting from age 11.
For advertising, we had to advertise, I used social media as a device. And then we have, up here, this is a profit-share plan.
At the Incubator School kids are encouraged to start companies on school time.
Hi, my name’s is Ahmat Ismael. I’m CEO of I Supply.
Hi, my name is Logan Fisher. I am the CFO and the Director of Marketing at I Supply.
Hi, my name’s Tay Trademan. I’m the head of sales at I Supply.
These twelve-year-old captains of industry (4) plan to sell school supplies to their classmates. They say kids have a big advantage when it comes to creating the next big thing.
Kids personally are more creative because they haven’t been boxed in by the world yet, and haven’t, you know, you’re going to do this, you’re going to do that, you’re going to do this. Kids, you know still have that mind where for example, I’m going to be superman when I grow up.
How did you come up with the idea?
I never liked Band-Aids and I didn’t want people to see that I had something ‘cause look at the board…
This pint-sized CEO is the youngest ever to dive into reality TV Shark Tank. (5) At 7 she considers herself a lifelong inventor.
I feel like being an entrepreneur, (6) you don’t have to follow somebody else’s orders, you can just be more free.
Good girl! That peach was juicy, wasn’t it?
Kiowa’s dream is to become a zoologist while making Boo Boo Brands into a household name.
Kids are still kids even if they are entrepreneurs.
Sage advice for a new generation of business leaders. Regan Morris, BBC News Los Angeles.