domingo, 9 de agosto de 2015

Extensive listening: The bank, a matter of life and debt

The third episode of  The bank, a matter of life and debt focuses on lending, at a moment in time when people in Britain are borrowing more than ever before in Britain - household debt now totals £1.47 trillion.

The third and final episode of The bank, a matter of life and debt looks at how we borrow money and how banks lend it, engaging the viewer with personal stories:

Will Claire and her team help bring the bank into profit for the first time in years?
Brian and Elizabeth need a loan to pay off £26,000 they've spent on seven credit cards.
Farid, who came to Britain from Afghanistan aged 17, wants a small mortgage to buy his council flat.
And John wants a loan of half a million pounds for his luxury housing development.
Mortgage advisor Gary is trying to drum up new business with a giant coffee cup.
Customer advisor Richard is trying to take his own advice, stop over-spending and resist the temptation of buying a remote controlled drone on eBay.

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