lunes, 10 de agosto de 2015

Listening test: Car ads

You are going to hear some car radio advertisements.  Match the headings A-H below with their corresponding advertisement 1-6. There are two extra headings you do not need to use. You can only use each of the headings once.

A - A present included
B - Cutting edge design and performance
C - For very limited budgets
D - If safety is your top priority
E - New technology to help you in unexpected moments
F - Sale before new models arrive
G - Save money and be protected all the time
H - Save money and enjoy your trip to work

Ad 1
This is Tammy Taylor, owner of Taylor Motors. If you're thinking of buying a new car, now's the time! We have an outstanding selection of new vehicles, and thanks to government incentives, prices have never been better. You can get $900 off a brand new pickup truck, or drive home in a new four-door sedan for only $12,500 after a $2,000 government rebate. That's right, up to $2,000 off hundreds of new cars and trucks! But you'd better get a move on. Prices this low won't last long. We're on Tri-Cities Motorway near the junction of Interstate 40. Right now we're open 9 to 9 Monday through Friday, and 8-10 on Saturday and Sunday. Tell them Tammy sent you, and we'll give you your car's first oil change for free.

Ad 2
Do you need a new car but feel like you can't afford one? Well come on down to Hawkins, where you can buy a new or used vehicle for just $30 down. You heard right: Not $3,000, not $300, just $30 down lets you drive off the lot in your very own vehicle. We have hundreds of new and used compacts, sedans, SUVs or pick-ups to choose from, and a variety of financing options to meet your needs even if your credit's not too hot. Come on down to Hawkins Motors, at the intersection of Highway 5 and State Route 99.

Ad 3
Are you paying too much for car and home insurance? Call SureCo today and find out. A fifteen-minute phone call could save you hundreds a year on insurance for your car, home, and other vehicles. With features such as good-driver discounts, bundled auto- and home-insurance rates, and an accident forgiveness policy, you're bound to find protection that meets your needs, AND saves you money. New SureCo customers last year saved an average of $330. But that's not all. At SureCo, our experienced and friendly representatives are available 24-7 to answer your questions and settle claims quickly and efficiently. And with more than 1,000 offices nationwide, we're always nearby. Don't you owe it to yourself to call SureCo and compare? Call today: 888-555-2121.

Ad 4
It seems like flat tires come at the worst possible times. Like the middle of a crowded freeway. Or a deserted road late at night. But now a flat tire doesn't have to ruin your trip. Due to revolutionary new technology, Ruble Tires let you drive up to 100 miles after a flat, so you can change the tire in a safe, comfortable environment. Ruble's new Rugged Wear tires are side reinforced, so the rubber on the side of the tire supports a car's weight even when the bottom of the tire loses air. Rugged Wear tires are the latest in a long line of Ruble innovations. At Ruble, we make driving safer. For more information on all Ruble Tires, visit our website at

Ad 5
What do you want in a new car? Great gas mileage? Reliability? Versatility? Modern styling? No pressure sales and easy financing? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then you need to visit Starwood Kyoto. I'm Patty Mahre, owner of Starwood Kyoto, and right now we have bargains on hundreds of vehicles as we clear our storeroom to make way for this year's new models. Kyotos are famous for their high quality and fantastic resale value, and we have 10 different Kyoto models that average more than 30 miles per gallon. We need to make space for new models, so come visit us today, on Highway 909 in Starwood, just south of the city center off exit 191. Come to Starwood, and drive home happy

Ad 6
Are you stuck in traffic as you listen to this? Wouldn't you rather be sitting in a plush seat, reading a good book or sipping a cold drink while you wait? You could, you know, if you were riding a County Transit bus or light-rail train. Light-rail trains run twice daily north-south and east-west during rush hour periods, with 12 convenient stops along the way. And there are now more County Transit buses, and bus routes, than ever before. Recent studies show that taking a bus or train, instead of driving, could save you up to $10,000 a year. Studies also show that trains and buses, on average, get you to work and back quicker than cars do. So what are you waiting for -besides that car bumper just ahead of you to finally move? Climb aboard a County Transit bus or light-rail train. Then relax, and leave the driving to us. For more information, call 1-800-TRANSIT, or visit us online at

Ad 1 - A present included
Ad 2 - For very limited budgets
Ad 3 - Save money and be protected all the time
Ad 4 - New technology for unexpected moments
Ad 5 - Sale before new models arrive
Ad 6 - Save money and enjoy your trip to work