lunes, 24 de agosto de 2015

Listening test: On the move

Listen to Ely talking about the way she has spent all her life moving from country to country and complete sentences 1-7 below with up to three words. 0 is an example.

0) Ely has spent all her life living in other countries.

1) When you are young living away from your own country is great because you manage to ____________________________  .

2) Eli first went to Africa when she was ____________________________  old.

3) She lived in ____________________________  for 9 years.

4) Eli has never been able to speak the local languages because she’s always attended ____________________________.

5) When she was 8 Eli’s parents sent her to boarding school in England to receive ____________________________.

6) Eli envied her school friends because they had had their friends since ____________________________.

7) Eli thinks it's hard not to ____________________________  you can call your home.

I am totally English but I spent my whole life basically living (0) in other countries, well, my parents spent most of my life living in other countries. I've actually been at school in England for quite a while of it.
Living away from your own country is great. I guess it's really good when you're young you get to (1) see different countries. I stopped off in Africa and Nigeria. I was actually born in England, but I went there (2) fifteen days after I was born so, my first plane flight was 15 days old, and I can't really remember obviously that much of that but then we went to (3) Holland for nine years, which is great and it's, you know, I'm very lucky to have grown up in a different culture, although very embarrassingly I can't speak the language cause I always went to (4) an English school, but it's kind of difficult ‘cause you, wherever you go, you make friends. You get close to people and then suddenly you have to move, and move house, go on to somewhere else, and I found this to be the sort of hardest thing.
When I was 8, I went off to boarding school in England ‘cause my parents thought I'd get (5) a better education that way than moving around to different schools all over the world, and this was you know, it was good it was fun, but something like I always envied was the way, all the other kids at school, their school friends were just their friends in term time, but their real friends were friends that, you know, they had known since (6) they were little, since you know, since they had been born or, you know their early school friends and they still knew them and you know even when I was 18 years old, still, my friend's from school had their real friends at home who they'd known all their lives, and I've kind of always envied that because we've always been moving around and as I say, you know, I'm very lucky, we've been in Holland, Scotland, and Africa, and I've very lucky to have seen all of these places but it's kind of hard as well, not having a root, not (7) having [have] a place where you can actually call your home, somewhere to go back to at the end of the day and have all of your family and friends around you.