viernes, 11 de diciembre de 2015

Hungary builds migrant border fence

There has been a sharp rise in the number of migrants trying to enter Hungary. In response to this Hungarian authorities have built a fence stretching the Hungary-Serbian border.

Self-study activity:
Watch the news report and answer the questions. The activity is suitable for Intermediate 2 students.

1 Who has built the fence at the steelworks in Dunaujvaros?
2 Who is putting up the fence?
3 What does 'November' refer to?
4 What message is the Hungarian government trying to send to migrants with the fence?
5 Where are the migrants taken once they arrive in Hungary?

The race is on to get Hungary’s border fence ready by the end of the month. It’s been built by (1) prison inmates at this steelworks at Dunaujvaros in central Hungary and put in place by (2) soldiers and the unemployed. It’s a radical answer to what the Hungarian government says it’s an intolerable situation.
The nature and the number of illegal migrants entering the European Union is unwanted by, by all the European countries. Nobody’s prepared for the integration, for the incorporation of a million people that’s going to reach, according to the estimates, this year.
This fence is something of an experiment for the Hungarian government. (3) First, they said it would be ready by the end of November, now by the end of August. It’s designed to send their message to the tens or hundreds of thousands of people on their way up through the Balkans to Hungary: (4) stay away, you’re not welcome here.
38,000 people entered the EU through Hungary last month alone. Rumours that a new barrier would soon block their path have probably increased their numbers. On arrival, they’re rounded up by police and (5) taken to this registration camp near the border.
You said you come from Ghana?
How difficult was the journey?
It’s very bad. Very bad with the pregnant women, with the children.
How old are your children?
Two and four.
While the Hungarian government sometimes gives the impression that Hungary is a country opposed to all asylum seekers, many dozens of volunteers here in Schengen close to the Serbian border and elsewhere in the country are out to give a different impression.
The majority are from either Afghanistan, Syria, of course, Iraq, and a lot are also from Pakistan and, and Bangladesh.
Across the border the Serbian authorities have largely turned a blind eye to all the people travelling through their country, at best they’re pointing them the way to Hungary.
We are Syrians, from Syria, from Damascus or Alipo. We’re going through Europe to Germany, Netherlands, to Sweden, to find a better life.
The Hungarian government is building a fence now. Will that stop you if there’s a fence in the way?
That will be harder to us but I think when we’re looking for life, nothing will stop us.