lunes, 1 de octubre de 2012

How to spread the perfect slice of toast

I learnt about How to spread the perfect slice of toast through Jeffrey Hill, who in late June published a post on his blog, The English Blog, letting us know about Warburtons' invention to solve this English breakfast dilemma.

I have used Warburtons' video clip to create a listening activity suitable for Básico 2 students.

Self-study activity:
Watch the video and complete the blanks on the transcript below with the missing words.

Once the full transcript is completed, try to improve your English pronunciation through the shadow reading technique, that is, reading at the same time as the narrator.

And make a point of dropping by The English Blog to read Jeffrey's comments and ideas on the toastie knife.

How to butter the perfect slice of toast?

No one enjoys the (1) ... of trying cold butter straight from the fridge on to toast in the morning. It’s too hard to spread and it’s a (2) ... experience first thing.

To help with this breakfast time trauma, Warburton has (3) ... the perfect solution –introducing the toastie knife. Using state-of-the-art technology to (4) ... an optimum butter spreading experience, the toastie knife comes complete with a handy (5) ... blade that can be (6) ... at the press of a button.

The toastie knife gently heats to (7) ...   degrees in (8) ...  seconds, the perfect temperature for efficient butter spreading, as identified by the country’s top toast experts.

Using the toastie knife start in the middle of your toast and use (9) ... , short strokes to the edges to secure even butter coverage. For best results, use a good quality loaf, one that is soft enough to (10) ...  taste but strong enough that it won’t tear when (11) ... . That will ensure you have the perfect breakfast bite.

Now, that we call the perfect toast experience.

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(1) annoyance (2) frustrating (3) invented (4) ensure (5) heated (6) activated (7) 41.8 (8) 30 (9) quick (10) guarantee (11) buttered