sábado, 20 de octubre de 2012

Victoria Beckham on British fashion -video

Victoria Beckham gives us her personal view on British fashion and her contribution to it. This video activity is suitable for Básico 2 and Intermediate 1 students.

Self-study activity:
Watch the two-minute video and complete the blanks in the transcript with the missing words.

I’ve always wanted to work in fashion, and when I was given the opportunity I took that opportunity with both (1) ... . I wanna empower women, I wanna make women feel good about themselves and for me to be able to achieve the quality that I want to give my (2) ... I have to do that in London. My brand is British, my team are all British. You can feel the energy if you’re driving through London. I mean, I mean when I was younger I used to love going to Camden Market, you know, on a Sunday I mean the energy, the (3) ... , it’s really multi-cultural. That is more inspiring than anything.

You know, in Britain, we don’t feel the need to conform, we dance to the beat of our own drum, we’re individual, we’re passionate, we’re very, very (4) ... .

Anna Wintour is British, she’s the editor-in-chief of American Vogue. She’s probably the most (5) ... person in the fashion industry ever.

The Queen is, I mean she’s an icon. She’s so appropriate, very, very (6) ... , I mean, she’s the Queen.

In Britain we have some incredible brands. If you look at Burberry, Stella McCarthy, Alexander McQueen, Mackintosh, Hunter. We have really (7) ... quality, British brands, and I’m very proud to consider myself one of them.

Music has always (8) ... everything that I do. I love music. David loves music, but he (9) ... dance. I mean, when you look at the talent in Britain over the years, Stone Roses, Oasis, The Beatles, the Spice Girls, you know, Adele, we really have a lot of talent and British music, again, like fashion, is very very cool and very very relevant.

I’m very very proud to be British and I love living in America, I embrace living in America, but I am British, David is British, the (10) ... are British and we are very very proud of that.

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