miércoles, 17 de octubre de 2012

Talking point: Severe weather events

Over the recent years we have heard of numerous severe weather events on the news such as tropical cyclones, hurricanes, tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, snowstorms, droughts, tsunamis, (flash) floods, heat waves, landslides, avalanches, many of which led to natural disasters.

Which is your favourite type of weather? And your least favourite?
What's the coldest, hottest, or wettest you've ever been? Where were you? What were you doing?
Are there any activities you do that depend on the weather?
Have you ever stopped doing something important because of the weather?
Do you have a story of something that happened to you that involves the weather?
Do you remember any news items concerning any of the severe weather conditions mentioned in the introduction?
Have you or any person you know experienced any of these events or similar weather conditions?
What was it like? How did you/they stay safe? How did you/they feel during/after the event?
Have you ever volunteered to help clean up after one of these events?
Do you remember any stories from people who have survived a natural disaster?
Have you seen any films concerning severe weather conditions or natural disasters?

To gain some insight into this topic, you can watch this short video clip from the BBC programme The Great British Weather.