miércoles, 10 de octubre de 2012

Talking point: How much time do you spend in nature?

This week's talking point deals with nature, our attitude to nature and its importance in our lives. How much time do you spend in nature? was the topic in the Student Opinion section of The New York Times Learning Network back in September last year.

What are your experiences in nature?
As a child, did you use to go to summer camps or were you a member of youth organisations which promoted outdoor outings and activities like hiking or trekking?
If so, did you enjoy them?
How much time do you spend in nature these days?
How do you feel about going on a camping holiday?
Have you ever had an experience in which nature challenged or restored you?
Have you ever been to a national park?
Do you make a point of going to parks whenever you visit a city or town?
Do you agree that children today are nature-deprived? Why or why not?
Do you think young people need to play fewer video games and spend more time outside?

In preparation for your discussion, you can read Nicholas D. Kristof's article for The New York Times "We’re Rich! (In Nature.)”.

Ansel Adams/U.S. National Archives and Records Administration