domingo, 19 de enero de 2014

Extensive listening series: Sahara with Michael Palin

This video is the beginning of the first episode of BBC documentary Sahara with Micheal Palin, A Line in the Sand.

The programme starts in Gibraltar, from where Palin travels to Tangier. We can see Palin riding a camel on the beach, and playing football with some youths on the beach, visiting a public bath house and attending a church service at St. Andrews Anglican Church together with some Nigerians who are trying to gain access to Europe. He also visits Jonathan, an expatriate Englishman, and his pet cockerel Birdie.

To get to the Sahara it is necessary to travel over the Atlas Mountains. Along the way Palin visits Fez and sees the old-fashioned way to dye leather.

You can read the transcript here.