sábado, 4 de enero de 2014

The Weather Memory Bank

The Weather Memory Bank is a project by the Universities of Nottingham and Exeter, The Royal Metereological Society and The Rogal Geographical Society which investigates how people relate to and remember their local weather and particular weather events they have experienced throughout their lives.  It also intends to find out what or whom informs people's understanding of climate change.

Different experiences and memories are central to the way in which information on long-term climate change, and short-lived weather events, is gathered and transmitted across generations.

23 different people answer the questions below in short videos. As members of the public are interviewed, the difficulty varies, but most of the videos are suitable for advanced students. However, intermediate students can have a go at them and read the close-captions if necessary.

The videos are a good springboard to discuss our attitude to the weather and climate change, and we ourselves can answer the questions to talk about this topic, either in class or with the members of our talking group.

Q1 How would you describe the weather where you live?
Q2 In what ways does the weather affect your everyday life?
Q3 Are there any times in your life associated with particular types of weather?
Q4 Can you recall periods of unusual or extreme weather?
Q5 Have you lived or spent time in different places that you associate with different types of weather?
Q6 What evidence have you seen yourself to suggest that climate might be changing?
Q7 From where/what sources have you gained information about weather and climate change?
Q8 Who would you trust for information about climate/climate change?
Q9 What should we be doing/What are you doing about climate change?
Q10 What should people watching this interview do next?