domingo, 5 de enero de 2014

Extensive listening series: The Truth About Supermarket Price Wars

Two years ago now, BBC's Panorama aired The Truth About Supermarket Price Wars.

In this thirty-minute documentary, reporter Sophie Raworth goes around some of Britain's biggest supermarket chains and discloses some surprises at the checkout.

"With their price drops, roll-backs, brand matches - as well as that old firm favourite, the two-for-one offer - our leading supermarkets are doing battle for our cash. They claim their price war is good news for shoppers in these tough times, but are their money-saving offers all they seem?".

Watch this fast-paced current affairs programme and find out the truth about supermarkets in the UK. No transcript available, but the CC YouTube subtitles on the lower side of the video player give a fairly accurate transcription of everything that is being said.