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Reading test: Do trees on the streets make people happy

Today’s reading activity is related to the way green spaces, especially trees, change the areas where we live and the influence they have on our everyday life. Before doing the multiple choice task, think about these questions.

Do trees on the streets improve the quality of people’s lives?
If so, how?
Do green areas raise the price of property?
Can trees save us money?
What reasons can some people have to object to trees?

Now read the BBC article by Vanessa Barford Do trees on the streets make people happy? to see if you ideas coincide with those in the article.

Now it’s time to do the reading comprehension activity. Go over questions 1-8 and choose the option A, B or C which best answers each question or completes the sentence.

1 What is an almost accepted wisdom?
A A property in a tree-lined street is more expensive.
B A well looked-after garden can increase the price of the house.
C An area stops being deprived if trees are planted.

2 The government's Big Tree Plant campaign
A has managed to plant 1 million trees in four years.
B has managed to actively involve the population in the campaign.
C is trying to persuade citizens of the benefits of trees. 

3 According to Margaret Lipscombe,
A trees give light in winter time.
B trees provide shelter for wildlife.
C trees have a soothing effect on people.

4  Green spaces
A may increase life expectancy up to five years.
B may help us get better soon if we are ill.
C saves the NHS a lot of money.

5 Some people have negative feelings on trees because
A they see them as potentially dangerous.
B they cause car accidents.
C they make the city dirty.

6 Which sentence is true, according to the text?
A Local authorities consider broad-leafed trees dangerous.
B Annamaria Mignano lives in a middle-class area of London now.  
C Annamaria Mignano and her neighbours aren’t scared anymore.

7 In Tower Hamlets
A there aren’t graffiti any more.
B fighting dogs are positively valued.
C residents own communal areas.

8 For Shaun Bailey
A trees make living spaces more decent.
B the influence of trees in many areas is limited.
C it is very important to maintain some English traditions.

Photo credit: BBC

1B 2C 3C 4C 5A 6A 7B 8B