domingo, 6 de julio de 2014

Extensive listening: Nordic Wild

Nordic Wild Reborn is a National Geographic documentary on one of Europe's last great wildernesses.

The fairytale forests of Scandinavia are the backdrop to this stunning wildlife documentary, which tracks woodland creatures as they emerge from the Arctic winter. What must have taken dedicated film crews years to capture is accompanied by orchestral music and insightful narration.

The bears of this region are exposed as a fractured society, the bad-mannered males more hindering than helpful to the procreation of their species. Also featured in the first of this four-part series spanning the Nordic lands are baby owls, golden eye ducklings, barnacle goose chicks and fox cubs. The visual delights include aerial footage of majestic alpine mountains, the spectacle of the northern lights and a segment showcasing luminous forest fungi.

Here's the beginning of episode 1, Reborn. You can watch the full episode with subtitles in Norwegian here.