miércoles, 23 de julio de 2014

Talking point: A disappointing film

In our weekly 'Talking point' section we continue focusing on the anecdote feature of Macmillan's Inside Out.

Today's topic is talking about a disappoint film we have seen. Before getting together with the members of your conversation group, go over the questions below, so that you ideas flow more easily when you get together with the members of your conversation group and you can work out vocabulary problems beforehand.
  • What was the name of the film?
  • When did you go to see it?
  • Why did you go to see it?
  • Had you seen trailers or read reviews?
  • Was it hyped?
  • Why didn't it live up to the hype?
  • What did you particularly disliked about the film?
  • Who was in it and who directed it?
  • Were there any characters you could identify with?
  • Were there any characters who annoyed you?
  • What did your friends/family think about it?
  • Would you go and see another film by the same director or actors?
To get some insight into the topic, you can watch this video the top 5 disappointing films of 2013. Do you agree with the five movies CineFix has selected?

You can activate the CC YouTube subtitles, which will help you understand most of what is being said.