martes, 8 de julio de 2014

Madrid Teacher: Banking it

In our Madrid Teacher series, this week three teachers are discussing the problems that cash point users sometimes have to face. As usual, their conversation gives us the opportunity to deal with some features of spoken English.

First of all, watch the video through to get the gist of the teachers' conversation.
Now, let's study the video in more detail and let's focus on some of the features of spoken English the teachers use:
  • Use of so as a linking word.
  • Use of fillers like well, you know, to gain thinking time.
  • Active listening: Reacting to the information we have just heard: Oh, no!; Oh, interesting; asking questions to the person who is speaking to show interest in the story.
  • Trying to involve listeners in the conversation by asking them questions.
  • Showing agreement: Yeah! Exactly!
  • Use of actually to introduce a piece of surprising information.
  • Use of vague language when we don't know the specific name of something: they put a plastic something.
  • Use of like as a linking word.

Now it's over to you. Have you ever had any problems with a cash point or with a bank? If possible, get together with a friend and answer the question together. Try and use some of the features of spoken English that came up in the video.

So, have you had any problems with a bank recently?
Recently? Well, you know, a couple of weeks ago, I went to the bank and of course I wanted money like everybody. And I put in my card, I put in my pin, and it kept my card. And I thought oh my goodness what have I done, maybe I put in the wrong pin code, etc.
Oh no!
And so I was concerned. I went to the bank the next day, but it just so happens that on that particular day there was a stack of credit… of cards, of all the people… because it, it ate all the cards of every single person that wanted money that particular day.
That, something similar happened to me once. I put in my card and I wanted to get out six hundred euros… which is quite a lot… and of course it didn’t give it to me.
So what happened?
And did it eat the card?
Yeah, it ate the card and it wouldn’t give me the money. And it was a Sunday, On a Sunday…. So I will never ever again in my life try and take out, well a large amount of money on a Sunday.
I had that happen as well.
So I was really nervous on Monday morning, cause, well you know, what if they don’t believe me.
And how did you eat on Sunday?
I didn’t actually need the money but I was just worried that on Monday morning they were going to say “well there’s no proof that you took out six hundred euros,” or that maybe it came out later and someone else took it.
Yeah, I always worry about security when I’m at an ATM. And so I always… whenever I put in my code I always cover my hands and… Cause I had a friend once that, they put a plastic something over the key pad, a plastic sleeve and, and it recorded his code.
Oh, interesting. So did he lose any money?
No, I think the bank… that he was protected but… it’s always a hassle
Yeah, you have to be careful.
So what about security around banks? Have you had anything happen to you?
I’m always looking over my shoulder just in case.
Yeah, like who’s behind you. See who’s behind you first...
... before you put the numbers in.
Right, right.
Very good.