martes, 29 de julio de 2014

Madrid Teacher: Guess where I went on holiday

A group of Madrid Teachers are playing the yes/no game. They are trying to find out where one of them went on holiday by simply asking yes/no questions.

This is a fun video for students at intermediate level, but strong Básico 2 students may benefit from it, too.

To begin with, watch the video through to get the gist of the conversation and the game. Watch the video through more than once, if necessary.

Now watch the video more carefully and note down the questions on the video. You may need to pause the video so that you have the time to write the questions down.

Once you've got all, or most of the questions, see if you can remember what the answers were.

Finally, get together with a friend or group of friends and guess where everybody went on their last holiday by asking yes/no questions.

Did you fly to this holiday destination?
No, I did not.
Ok. Is it in the United States?
No, it is not.
Is it in North America?
No, it is not.
Is it in Spain?
It is.
OK. And is it a location by the ocean, by the beach?
Is it on the beach?
For some of the time.
Did you stay, stay in a city?
Also for some of the time.
Ok. And did you swim?
Did you, did you do other kinds of water activities?
Water sports?
Is it on the peninsula? The place, is it on the peninsula or on one of the islands? The Iberian peninsula?
Yeah. Yes. Sorry. The Iberian peninsula. The mainland. Mm-hm.
OK. And did you stay in a hotel?
No, I did not.
Were you camping?
No, it was in between. I stayed in lodging houses.
Did you go alone?
I went alone, yes.
Did you come back alone?
No, no, I didn’t.
Did you, you didn’t fly so, did you take a bus?
I did.
Did you meet some friends there?
In the beginning, yes, and then I made some friends.
Was the night life good?
Also in the beginning, yes!
But not at the end?
No, at the end it wasn’t a night life thing.
And did you go there for a special occasion?
Huh, not special occasion like we normally think of but, that was the time to go.
Was, was there, like, a festival going on there?
You know, it’s Spain. I’m sure there was. But that’s not why I went.
OK. Is this, is this place historically significant?
Yes, many of the places were historically significant.
OK. So, we’re talking about more than one destination.
So, did you tour several locations?
I did.
But it’s in one region in Spain?
One specific . . .
Yes. To be honest actually four regions.
OK. Wow!
Did it take a weekend?
No, much more.
A week? A month? Two weeks?
Three weeks.
Three weeks.
Did you do it last August?
No, I did it last July.
Did you visit museums during your trip?
That’s a good question. I don’t think so.
Did you visit any bars?
Yes, yes, I did.
Did you do any dancing?
Yes, I did, in the beginning.
Did you try anything different, like new food?
Oh, yeah. The whole thing was different, new food, new activity. Yes.
And was there a particular activity you were doing?
For example, was it a cycling tour?
OK, skateboard?
Now, you’re getting further.
Did you walk on the Santiago, El Camino de Santiago?
You’ve got it, brother.
From Irun to Unquera, which is on the border of Cantabria and Asturias.
Cantabria. . . Asturias. Yeah, it’s beautiful. So you, you walked on the north coast? Did you enjoy it?
Do you recommend it?
Do you feel that you have changed as a person?
I did. I certainly did while I was there, but then you get back and slip into your normal routine once again.