miércoles, 30 de julio de 2014

Talking point: My favourite teacher at school

In our weekly 'Talking point' section we continue focusing on the anecdote feature of Macmillan's Inside Out.

Today's topic is talking about your favourite teacher at school. Before getting together with the members of your conversation group, go over the questions below, so that you ideas flow more easily when you get together with the members of your conversation group and you can work out vocabulary problems beforehand.
  • Was it a man or a woman?
  • What was their name?
  • What did they look like?
  • What sort of clothes did they use to wear?
  • Were they strict or easy-going?
  • What subject(s) did they teach?
  • Were you good at that subject?
  • Where did you sis in their lessons?
  • What sort of things did you use to do in class?
  • What was special about your favourite teacher?
  • How did they affect your life?
  • Were they popular with your classmates?
  • Are you still in touch with them?
To illustrate the point, watch this Vimeo video where Aspen Aman, from Which Advisor School, talks about the teachers that most affected her life.