jueves, 7 de mayo de 2015

My City Stockholm

See the world's greatest cities through the eyes of the BBC reporters who live there. Once a Viking heartland, today the Swedish capital is one of Europe's most sophisticated cities.

My City Stockholm - BBC WORLD NEWS from Russell Prior on Vimeo.

Medieval and modern, once Sweden's Viking heartland, today one of Europe's most sophisticated cities. Valkommen till Stockholm. Hi. I'm Dena, and this is my city. Built on 14 islands, connected by 57 bridges, Stockholm is known for its long summer days and the never-ending icy winter nights.A building made of ice
I was born in Iran, but came here with my family in the '80s. Then you would only see fair-skinned blonds, but not anymore.Montage of faces of people of various nationalities
The central Stockholm market represents this shift in our make-up. The people here are as diverse as the fruits and flowers on sale.Text on screen - 'Mani Singh. Market trader.
My children were born in Sweden. They go to school here and learn Swedish, English and my mother tongue, Hindi. We are sitting here in Hotorget, where most of us working are immigrants, and are all able to support our families. I think Swedes can be proud that we live here.
For a capital, it's amazingly calm and peaceful. But it would be wrong to think this city doesn't have its challenges. It does. Violent crime, issues of corruption, tension around immigration - this is the darker side, one painted on the pages of crime novels.Arne Dahl reads from his book
'In a doorway appeared a tall, sinewy old man wrapped in a strange lavender-coloured cloak. If he hadn't studied up on the nature of these organisations, he probably would have tried to twist the man's arm out of its socket. "How do you do?" said the man.'
This is fiction, but much of the subject matter is very real.
I am David Clofwenhielm, Guardian of the Order of Mimir. It may look very pretty from the outside, but on the inside it's pretty much as ugly as the rest of Europe. It's not a paradise, it's a lost paradise. Swedish crime is getting more and more to the surface. It used to be hidden away, tucked away.A railway station
Stockholm always has a way of surprising you. This is the world's longest art exhibition - 110km of it.A cavernous room with a rainbow painted across the wall and ceiling
It certainly brightens up the daily commute.More visuals of Stockholm
If it's not the metro, then it's the buildings... the parks, the people. Stockholm is all about looking the part. Like so many aspects of our life, we take a practical approach to what we wear.Inside a clothing store
There are countless designers, setting trends across the globe - young, fresh, sporty, chic.
It's a part of the lifestyle here to... to look good and to dress nice. And it's really fresh, what people are wearing. It's really new and fresh, I think.Emeli creates prints for T-shirts
I get a lot of inspiration from here. And you can probably see that in the collection with the simple cuts and minimalistic designs.
Beauty is everywhere - on the streets... and the faces of the people. Each time I return, something else has changed. A city in motion, Stockholm is my city.