jueves, 2 de junio de 2016

Headmistress bans parents wearing pyjamas to school

A primary school headmistress bans parents from wearing pyjamas to school.

Self-study activity:
Watch the video and complete the gaps in the sentences below.

Pyjamas, not the most obviously offensive item of clothing but the (1) ...  of this school in Darlington has taken offense of the nightwear being worn during the day. The (1) ... ... of Skerne Park Academy has issued a stern warning to parents requesting they stop coming to school in pyjamas and dress more (2) ... .  A letter to parents has gone viral since being shared on social media.
I think over the last months I’ve noticed an increasing (3) ... in parents wearing pyjamas coming to school. Firstly on the school run and then sort of picking their children up from school, and then finally I think it was when they turn up in those in parents’ evenings in pyjamas and also at Christmas performances, when it got to that point I thought I'm going to have to write a (4) ... ... just to say, you know, maybe it's not the best thing to do, coming to school in your nightwear.  I can’t tell people how (5) ... ... and I would never dream of trying to. However, I think some things need to be said.
Although the principle behind the pyjama ban is to set a good example for the kids, some parents disagree.
I think people should be able to wear what they want.
But despite the anger from some parents at the school, Mrs Chisholm has said that she's received a largely positive response on an (6) ... that she says ultimately boils down to aspiration and committing to a routine.
I think we strive to increase our outcomes and aspirations for our children in school. We work very hard, it's a fantastic (7) ... and I think, you know, to have that sort of routine where you get in the open you, you… the moment you get dressed in the morning and then you get ready for school, you’re coming and you’re ready, ready  (8) ... ..., I think it's a really good routine for children, for the future, and for their future, sort of, and aspirations for their own lives.

1 head teacher
2 appropriately 
3 trend 
4 nice letter
5 to dress
6 issue 
7 community
8 to learn