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Sheep farm available to rent for just £1 a year

A farm is available to rent for £1 a year in Great Orme in Wales as long as the tenant is prepared to look after its sheep and landscape.

Self-study activity:
Watch the video and answer the questions below.

1 What kind of farmer is Park Farm looking for?
2 What techniques will the farmer have to use?
3 What flying insect is exclusively living around Park Farm?
4 How many visitors does the site have each year?
5 What does the contract include?

Yours for a pound a year. One of the UK's most spectacular views but, there is a catch. Great Orme in Wales has stunning scenery, acres of land and accommodation on a large farm. The only requirement for the opportunity is that you need to be good with sheep. Park Farm is looking for a special farmer who is willing to restore the health of the landscape by working with a very large flock of sheep. 
It would require using traditional grazing techniques; moving the flock regularly from pasture to pasture so that the sheep keep the grass and thick vegetation in check. This offer comes from the National Trust who own Park Farm.
We are looking for a really special farmer because, as you can see, it’s a really special farm. We’re looking for someone who’s got a real passion for nature because their job will be to actually restore the health of this landscape so the wildlife can thrive here again.
There is good reason for taking care of this significant site for nature. A sub species of the silver studded blue butterfly lives only here and if it is lost from this unique ecological site, it will be lost to the whole world forever. 
600,000 people visit here each year and it is no wonder with views like this. The offer stands at one pound a year for ten years. With this, you get the farm, the sheep and the cottage thrown in. A farm of this size would normally cost more than £1 million to purchase on the open market, so it's unlikely prospective farmers will be sheepish about applying!

1 One is willing to restore the health of the landscape 
2 Traditional ones
3 The (silver studded) blue butterfly
4 600,000
5 the farm, the sheep and the cottage

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