sábado, 25 de junio de 2016

Listen Current

Listen Current is a US education website that selects the best clips of American public radio, mainly from the National Public Radio (NPR) for use by teachers, who can use them to both build their students' listening skills and help English-language learners and others who need a boost with language literacy.

Listen Current brings authentic voices and engaging non-fiction stories to the classroom on a range of topics ranging from immigration to science to literature.

You can sign up for free and gain access to the almost one thousand audio clips in the platform, together with their listening comprehension questions and discussion themes.

Some extra features on the platfrom include transcripts, lesson plans, key vocabulary in the stories and extra materials, although a subscription is needed to gain access to them.

All in all, Listen Current is an excellent platfrom for students in the intermediate-to-advanced level to develop their listening skills.

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