jueves, 30 de marzo de 2017

Fearless Girl

The iconic Charging Bull statue in New York's Financial District got some company Wednesday, just in time for International Women's Day.

Self-study activity:
Watch the video and answer the questions below.

1. What is the most famous statue in New York?
2. What is the message Fearless Girl is defending?
3. What is the idea State Street Global Advisors wanted to transmit?
4. How long ago did Charging Bull appear?
5. According to Eliza France, what does the girl show that it is not important?

Finally, tonight. There are hundreds of statues in New York. The most famous, Lady Liberty, and the newest, a much younger lady with a message on this International Women’s Day. Alex Wagner checked it out.
A young girl, head held high, hands firmly planted on her waist, stares down an icon of Wall Street, an arena long dominated by men. She’s called Fearless Girl and she’s taking a stand for women’s equality by facing off with the Charging Bull. People young and old are flocking to her. A group of school children stopped by.
I think that it’s really a symbol of power.
I think it’s cool that they’ve actually put a girl standing up to the bull there.
She’s become an internet sensation. The idea was hatched by one of the financial world’s biggest firms, State Street Global Advisors, as a call to action for more women to serve on corporate boards. Lori Heinel is an executive with the firm.
She’s pushing back, but she’s also engaging and she’s engaging in a powerful way. So this isn’t about pushing men aside. This is about claiming the space that 50 percent of the occupation rightfully should lay claim to.
Fearless Girl was installed in the middle of the night two days ago, a tribute to the resilience of women. Charging Bull appeared 28 years ago as a sign of Wall Street resilience after the 87 stock market crash. Eliza France works on Wall Street.
She’s great. She’s amazing. She’s powerful and I think just opposite the bull it just shows that in this little girl, it doesn’t matter your size, you have that power in you.
It’s part of a movement that’s grown since President Trump’s inauguration. Miriam Mejia has been on the march.
It’s our moment. The little girls is just with an attitude. I’m empowered.
Empowered with a message to the titans of Wall Street. Alex Wagner CBS News, New York.
A girl with true medal. From the Evening News to all of you and all of us all around the world. We wish you a very good night.

1 Lady Liberty
2 Women’s equality
3 More women should serve in corporate boards
4 28 yeas ago
5 size