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Listening test: Marathon running

Listen to Jemma talking about her experience of running marathons and choose the option A, B or C which best completes each sentence.

1. Jemma
A. disliked running at school.
B. has been running on and off.
C. is a professional runner.

2. Jemma goes running
A. because she lives in the country.
B. no matter what the weather is like.
C. to be with some other people.

3. Jemma
A. has run three marathons.
B. ran the London marathon with her husband.
C. trained for a year to run the London marathon.

4. In the London marathon
A. Jemma ran over Tower Bridge.
B. Jemma’s children called out her name.
C. there’s a festive atmosphere.

5. When she participated in the London Marathon Jemma
A. couldn’t really hear the spectators shouting.
B. ran alone.
C. was about to abandon.

6. Jemma
A. hit a wall when she crossed the finish line.
B. took over four hours to complete the marathon.
C. was too tired to feel anything when she finished the race.

7. At the end Jemma says that she had never done (…) until yesterday.
A. a half marathon
B. a half marathon abroad
C. a half marathon at home

London's Cutty Sark during the marathon

We're talking about running. With me is Jemma. Hi. Jemma.
Now Jemma, you're not a professional runner but I know that you take running very seriously...
Yes. Well, when I was at school I always enjoyed running anyway and then I stopped for a few years but then in the early 1980's there was quite a big boom of ...people to encourage people to start running again, to keep fit. So that sort of promoted me back into running again, so yeah, so I've been running, I suppose, ever since, on and off, yeah.
What is it about running that you like as an exercise?
I think it's to go out in the fresh air. Whether it's cold or windy or even if it's raining, it's just nice to be out in the country. You have some time just to yourself, to go out and just have that space and that sense of freedom, just go out and run for an hour or an hour and a half, it's just lovely, it's sort of my time just for me.
...and I know you actually have done a marathon, haven't you?
I have, yes. Many years ago I have to say. In 1994 I actually did the London Marathon. That was my first and to date the only marathon I have ever done and it was a fabulous experience, I really enjoyed it.
Tell me about the training that you had to do for that.
Well, I sat on the settee at home and I watched in 1993, I watched the marathon and I said to my husband, I'd really like to do a marathon. So I applied and I was fortunate enough to be accepted so throughout that whole year I gradually increased the amount of miles I was running each week so through the year I did three half marathons, which is 13.1 miles, and that led me to being fit enough to do the London Marathon the following year.
It must have been an amazing experience. How... do you know how many people took part that year?
I can't remember that year. It was still quite early on in the the popularity of running. It's certainly much, much bigger now. But it was the biggest race I had ever run in, it was just a sea of people and I just remember running under Tower Bridge and past the Cutty Sark and there were bands playing and I had my name on my T-shirt so all the children would call out your name and give you sweets and things like that so the atmosphere was fantastic and the crowds in some places were about five or six people deep even, you know sort of fifteen years ago so it was, it was amazing I don't think I would ever forget that. It was fantastic.
So do you think all those people calling out your name, that kept you going?
Oh yes, very much so, yes, I mean it was lovely, because they would say, Go Jemma, go on, well done. And just that encouragement, when you're feeling quite tired and your legs are really feeling a bit heavy just to have people calling you by your actual name makes it much more personalized; they're not just cheering anybody, they're cheering you specifically so that made a big difference because obviously I didn't have family with me, I was just running it by myself so that was lovely, yes.
How did you feel when you crossed the finishing line?
Well, it was very emotional actually because it was such a sense of achievement and I was so proud of the time that I'd run it in.
Can you remember how fast you did it?
Oh, I was four hours twelve minutes. You never forget the time of your first marathon. So I was very pleased with that and I never hit, they have a term called hitting the wall. [Right.] where if you haven't trained properly or if you run out of energy you really find it difficult to even walk let alone run and I never felt that. I felt well throughout the whole of the run, I ran continually and didn't stop.
Fantastic. You've just done a race recently. What was that?
Yes, well, I was very pleased to have done the Lisbon Half Marathon, just yesterday and that was fantastic. I hadn't run a half marathon for quite a few months. I did, I'd done one at home in November and this was my first one actually abroad, that was lovely.
Well, fantastic Jemma and long may you keep on running.
Thank you very much.

1B 2B 3C 4C 5B 6B 7B