viernes, 12 de mayo de 2017

Marking 100 years of The Ivy

The Ivy's been recognised with a green plaque for its contribution to London life. BBC's reporter Frankie McCamley has been behind the scenes of the world famous venue that started life as a small Italian café.

Self-study activity:
Watch the video and answer the questions below.

1. What is The Ivy celebrating?
2. Who was the Royal at the Ivy Miranda Richardson talks about?
3. When did The Ivy last go over a major refurbishment?
4. Why is it so difficult to stay at the top of the restaurant world in London?
5. What famous English dessert is mentioned at the end?

A familiar sight outside of one of London's most popular haunts for the rich and famous. But today they're not here just to catch a glimpse of the celebrity A-listers on the guest list. The Ivy is celebrating its hundredth anniversary with a commemorative green plaque from Westminster City Council. And behind the iconic stained glass windows is one of the many famous regulars, not short of a story to tell.
Coming in here with some friends who will remain nameless, on the same evening that Princess Margaret arrived and my friend, disappearing from the table at some point, coming back extremely giddily, she said, I’ve just worn Princess Margaret’s coat.
This is one of the most sought-after tables here in the restaurant where the likes of Tom Cruise and Kate Moss have sat. It's a million miles away from where it first started, where there were lino floors and paper napkins. Now we're surrounded by famous artwork and dishes made by some of the top chefs in the capital.
The venue has had different owners over the years and a major refurbishment in 2015 as it’s tried to adapt and keep up with competition in the city.
It's very difficult to stay at the top in an incredibly and increasingly competitive restaurant world. And people like new. People want to go to the next hottest place, so for restaurants like The Ivy that have been around for a hundred years it's… it's a job to stay relevant.
And that it has. With a host of celebrities caught on camera here over the years, including the supermodel Kate Moss and Vogue editor Anna Wintour, Posh and Becks, and the American film star Jack Black.  One of the people capturing those moments with Max Cisotti.
The Ivy was always very important because you always get a good calibre of celebrity. It's just seeing, you know, the lifestyles of the rich and famous and in their more candid situation, sometimes, not always just at official events.
Along with its infamous shepherd's pie, it's clear this venue has been part of the city’s theatrical history. Now the hope here is it will remain that way in the years to come.
Frankie McKinley BBC London news in the West End.

1 its 100th anniversary
2 Princess Margaret
3 2015
4 people like to go to new places
5 shepherd’s pie