lunes, 4 de julio de 2011

4th July videos

To commemorate the 4th of July here is a pick of videos about the US lifestyle and what means being an American citizen today.

GOOD Magazine put together a video that highlights some of their favorite images of the United States of America. For them it was the Simpsons, Grand Canyon, Michael Jordan, John Wayne, Baseball, Ray Charles, Team USA, and freedom.

Citizen USA: a 50-State Road Trip is a documentary by Alesandra Perosi that HBO will be showing tonight. Here is how the HBO website describes it.

Acclaimed filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi sets out on a road trip across America to attend naturalization ceremonies in all fifty states to meet brand-new citizens and find out why they chose America as their home. What she discovers is that America welcomes them all-the disabled, the cancer patients, homosexuals, Obama- haters, Christian missionaries, Muslim imams, Jewish rabbis, Buddhist monks, scientists with Ph.D.s (trying to find the cure for all the diseases that are plaguing us), tech giants in Silicon Valley, movie directors, race car drivers, and even a wrestler with his own action figure!

Here you can watch Alexandra Perosi talking about her work:

H/T to Larry Ferlazzo.